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Take Lesion Management to the Next Level

Create a stronger, more cooperative relationship with oncologists, while boosting your productivity with Carestream Lesion Management:
  • Provides lesion management as a native PACS clinical tool
  • Accepts prior exam results as baseline images from 3rd-party PACS and from numerous modalities
  • Provides volumetric data with PowerViewer to simplify the comparison process between different data sets
  • Helps boost radiologist productivity by simplifying segmentation and analysis
  • Supports oncology follow up with bookmarking and tracking of general anatomy over time  
Lesion Management Brochure
Native Lesion Management Module for Vue PACS

Demo: Native Lesion Management Module for Vue PACS (video)
See how our lesion management tool enables semi-automatic comparisons.

Faster Assessment of Patient’s Response to Treatment

Faster Assessment of Patient’s Response to Treatment (video)
Learn how our anatomical bookmarking tools enable tracking of trends to determine if lesion is shrinking or growing over time. 

Oncology Segmentation Capabilities Within PACS

Oncology Segmentation Capabilities Within PACS (video)
Research findings on precise lesion measurement and tracking presented at the European Congress of Radiology. 

Streamline Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Workflow

Carestream’s DBT module adds unique workflow capabilities and specialized tools that optimize the reading of DBT exams:
  • Store, route, and display DBT exams using industry standards
  • User configurable and intelligent display protocols compare 2D and DBT views, priors simultaneously
  • Automatic Alignment and Same Size scaling of both 2D and DBT views eliminate manual manipulations
  • Auto DBT Cine mode allows viewing into the tissue
  • Multiple Magnifying Glasses to compare regions of interest simultaneously
  • Reference lines aid in locating suspicious areas on opposing views
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Brochure
Carestream Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Module

Demo: Carestream Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Module (video)
See how you can read Digital Breast Tomosynthesis from your Vue Mammo Workstation or Vue PACS. 

Tomosynthesis Module
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and PACS Integration (video)
Take a tour of Carestream’s DBT workflow and clinical tools.
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